Venezia, Italy day 19-22







The last stop on this summers journey is Venezia (Venice). It is special ending here; a city with no cars, a city slowly sinking – but still very charming and a city where you just love getting lost in the tight alleys and canals. We had some lovely days and evenings here mostly walking around, but also taking the ferries and watertaxies, shopping, investigating the different areas of the city, trying some good restaurants, drinking bubbles at Piazzo San Marco and living life. Venezia is a facinating city and a place you just need to experience. Arrivaderci! Ciao!

Lido di Jesolo, Italy day 16-18




After our stay by Lake Garda we took a trip to the city of Monza just outside Milano to visit a friend. We stayed a night there and a had a lovely dinner in the evening. The next day we headed out to Lido di Jesolo where we had planned for and were hoping for a little bit of “luxury” and a few days by the pool to “re-charge”.. After all being on holiday can be quite a “job” ;) We had a great stay in a new and fresh hotel with 2 days by the pool before we got ready for our final stop of the trip; Venezia / Venice.

Lago di Garda, Italy day 10-14





After our stay in Rimini we headed for the inland and Lago di Garda where we stayed in the town of Desenzano at the south end of the lake. For the first time of the trip we actually got a little bit of bad weather but we still managed to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this area. Desenzano was a nice little town to stay with a center with lots of restaurants and some shops. It is recommended to take day to drive around the lake to see the other lovely small towns and enjoy the beauty.

Rimini, Italy day 6-9




After our stay in Tuscany we decided to head over the Apennine mountains and down to Rimini for some beach life. Except for small trips up to the center of town we pretty much stayed by the beach. Rimini is really just another “beach town” like others but the beach and water was really nice.

San Gimignano, Italy day 5





We took a short daytrip to the lovely town of San Gimignano. Absolutely recommended to stop by if only for a few hours. A peaceful little town.

Siena – Tuscany, Italy day 4




The fourth day we left Rome and drove up through Tuscany. We took the scenic route. The weather was perfect for a “travel day” with some clouds and rain and it was a very nice trip. We ended in Siena where we had booked a room in an old monastery which had been turned into a hotel. They had kept some of the “charm” from its history with religious icons and relics, and hard beds made for nothing else than stoicism and solitary..

Rome, Italy day 1



It is special being back in Rome. It is one of those cities where you feel like you are walking in one giant museum and history is everwhere around you. Yet it is a modern city as well. I will enjoy the next days here; A great place to start the vacation.

More travel to come – memories from previous travels..

We are getting close to the summer holiday, and this site has been shamefully quiet for a year now. I think this will be corrected in months to come, but just to give myself a reminder of what travel was about; here are some shots of some pleasant travel moments from before…

IMG_1187 IMG_1198 IMG_1177 IMG_1115 IMG_1055 20111217-104711.jpg  gatebilde_cuba IMG_0928 IMG_2437 bilde 1


Thailand – summer of 2013

For summer holiday this year we decided to go to Thailand for 4 weeks of pure relaxation. We had no definite plan for our 4 weeks other than booked flight tickets, our first 5 nights in Koh Samui and the final 5 nights in Bangkok.

bilde 3

I was luckily able to persuade Ingunn Cecilie that we would go for handluggage only. I found it easy to travel this way and try to do it whenever I can. But don’t get me wrong –  I am not more of a bacpacker than that. I like the 4-5 star hotels the most with all options available, a good clean bed and good service.

This will not be a “geo-political travel review” with focus on all different angles of travelling in Thailand, but a brief summary and a couple of recommendations, should you plan to follow in some of our footsteps ( if you see a pair of footsteps size 36 and 46, it’s probably us…).

As said, we started in Koh Samui at Chaweng beach in a hotel called Kirikayan Boutique Resort. We had booked something called a Duplex suite. It was a first floor with bathroom and livingroom containing sofa, bathtub (?!?), tv and minibar. The second floor was the bedroom. The room itself was ok, but the sofa was not very good and although the aircondition worked ok, it got “hot as hell” up in the bedroom. Besides the room, the hotel was ok and offered ok service. They had an ok swimming pool, big enough to take a few laps, sun chairs and right next to a beautiful and great beach. We stayed here for 5 nights mostly just enjoying the beach and surroundings.

bilde 2

For a couple of the nights we went to a restaurant close by called Poppies which offered great thai food and service in a ” bungalow garden” right next to the beach. This was also mentioned in some of the food recommendations for Koh Samui so we felt safe going here. Certainly a place we can recommend.

After the first 5 nights we took the Lomprayah ferry to Koh Tao, which is about 1,5 hours ferry ride from Koh Samui (stopping at Koh Phangan first). Here we stayed at a place called Koh Tao Montra resort,  just a 5 min walk from the ferry. The hotel was rated about 3,5 stars and we felt that was about right. An ok hotel with it’s shares of “improvement areas” . We had been discussing whether to take a diving class at Koh Tao but decided to cancel as both were not equally interested. Maybe next time :) . We rented an ATV which we used to get around the island. You will find many shops renting out scooters, bikes and ATV’s here and their quite notorious, actually known as “Koh Tao scooter scams” so be careful. Most of the shops will ask you to leave your passport, which you never should do as they will then be able to force you to pay for imaginary damages to the bikes when returning it. I checked out and turned down a couple of the shops at first before deciding. From searching online, one of the shops not requiring this was “Lederhosen Koh Tao motorbikes and ATV”. I decided to rent here after a talk with the owner, a german man staying in Koh Tao for 14 years now. Instead of passport I paid a good deposit instead. He also had his share of critics online but I found him to be fair. We rented a 350 ATV for 5 days, returned in the same piece and got our deposit back as promised. No problems.

During our stay in Koh Tao we also met up with a friend of Ingunn Cecilie, from studies, and his girlfriend and friends for a couple of beers and some food. Nice :)

bilde 1

We decided a week in Koh Tao was enough and headed back to Ko Samui. We now booked at a bit more high-end place called Anantara Lawana where we got our own villa with pool. 11 nights of pure luxury. This is a place I can come back to. It also had a big pool down by the beach with sun chairs, bar etc., but with your private pool it’s easy to just stay there. We tried a little of both. We enjoyed both the restaurants in the hotel; Ocean Kiss and Treetops. The first one is down by the pool and the beach while the other one is actually a set of small tree-huts up in the trees. Quite nice and romantic :)

While staying in Koh Samui I decided to get some tailor made shirts and suit. I had originally planned to do this in Bangkok but having better time in Koh Samui I found it to be best here. I had done som research in advance and headed for “Timmy’s” in Chaweng which came highly recommended. They are certainly good at their work, reasonable price and I can recommend them for anyone else going here.

Koh Samui and Chaweng certainly also has it’s share of good restaurants and there are a couple of them we tested out that I can recommend:
– Poppies (as mentioned before), for thai food
– Otaru, for sushi
– Red Snapper, for seafood
– The Larder, a combination of french and english with a twist..
– Treetops ( at the hotel), french/international and thai
All of these also had decent wine menus.

After this last period we headed for Bangkok for the final 5-night stretch of our holiday. Bangkok is, as I remembered it to be, a very big, busy and noisy city, but with a certain charm as well. You just need to look beyond the people selling stuff on the streets, the people trying to scam you and the rude taxi or tuk-tuk drivers  trying to raise the price for transport. We stayed in a nice room at Lebua which has a Tower Club with a bit more luxury feel to it. The hotel itself is great, the staff friendly and helpful at all times, the breakfast great and it’s conveniently located close to the Sathorn and Oriental pier (for tours on Chao Praya) and the Saphan Taksin skytrain station. Using the river boats and skytrain for transport is the best in Bangkok as this gets you across town quite fast. The hotel is also famous for it’s Dome at 64th floor with Sirocco restaurant and  skybar. The only thing I struggled understanding was why the hotel was so rigid about people  not taking pictures from the outdoor areas by the restaurants and bars. Something Lebua should improve on.

bilde 5

The time in Bangkok we spent doing some shopping, taking a private tour with longtail boat on the small rivers beyond Chao Praya and checking out the Grand Palace and Wat Pho ( the reclining Buddha statue). We did not go all the way in to Grand Palace because that requires wearing long pants and we did not feel like standing in line for renting these. This is also an area I think was unneccessary rigid. I can understand Thailand want their visitors to treat temples and national treasures with a certain respect, but at the same time I think they need to acknowledge that asking tourists to wear long pants, sleeves and no sandals in 30 degress Celsius is a bit too strict.

For the shopping we visited Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, Central World and Emporium which are all dominated by quite high class brand stores. We also visited the MBK centre and Asiatique which both offers a combination of stalls selling knock-off goods (copies), local arts and craft stalls and the ones selling varieties of t-shirts and dresses. They were both quite a pleasant experience. Asiatique is located right next to th river and is sectioned in different warehouses you can walk through, and you also find a nice selection of drinks and food. Asiatique also offers a shuttle boat along the river. The MBK centre was quite nice in the way that the stall owners didn’t bother you to much with their offers. They were just available as soon as you had questions.

bilde 4

Luckily we also catched Thomas and Jens Kristian in Bangkok on their tour through Asia and were able to spend some time with a dinner, some drinks and hanging out. Great fun!

The last day in Bangkok we also used the hotel spa for some massage and facial treatment. Very nice to be a bit pampered with after a few  hectic days in the big city. And so ended these 4 weeks of joy :)


Tonights dinner at Ylajali:



Potato, chicken liver & lingonberries
Nyr, troutroe & chives
Raw Shrimps & dill
Smoked haddock & sourdough
Oyster grilled in its shell
Chickenskin & kingcrab
White asparagus AA
Chapter 1:

Scallops from Frøya & horseradish
Green asparagus, söl & sorrel

Chapter 2:

Bread & Butter
Smoked Swedish caviar & celery
Langoustine “Wood fired”
Sour milk & celeriac

Chapter 3:

Turbot, Hay & Ramsons

Chapter 4 :

Duckhearts and juniperbranches
Veal & Turnips


Munkeby cheese from Levanger
”Last Snowball”
“Ørskog-sveler” & hazelnuts